Contract Law West Linn, OR

Contract Law

Contract Law West Linn, OR

The law of contracts affects your everyday life. Contracts include every kind of oral or written agreement between you and another person or entity. This is why Contract Law with Patricia Ferrell-French is so important. The contract has legal consequences for you and the other party involved in the agreement. The purpose of a contract is to establish the conditions, rights and duties which you and the other party agree to be bound by. A valid contract will be enforced by the court according to the terms and conditions clearly set forth in the contract.

Contracts by competent persons, fairly made, are usually valid and enforceable. If you are asked to sign a contract, you should have an attorney review that contract before you sign it. You will be bound by the terms in the contract which you have signed as long as you were not swayed by fraud, violence, or undue influence to sign the contract. For example, when you sign a standardized contract form which is printed in fine print on several, long pages, you are agreeing to be bound by each term and condition in that contract whether you have read all of those terms and conditions in that fine print or not. This is true even if the contract appears to be foolish, or a bad bargain. The court’s function is to enforce the terms and conditions within the contract that you signed. The court cannot impose new terms or conditions to a signed contract.

Contract Law Terms

If you are considering signing a contract that has already been written, call my office and make an appointment to see me so that you and I can discuss the contract and its terms and what those mean to you. Even a standardized contract can be modified, if you have not yet signed it, so that the contract meets your expectations, needs, and desires.

But if you have already signed a contract and you have questions about it, or you and the other party are now in a dispute over the contract, bring the contract to me, and you and I can discuss your rights and duties under the contract and deal with any dispute, in or out of court, regarding that contract.

Last, if you are contemplating entering into an agreement with another person, I can draft that agreement for you so that all of the essential terms of your agreement are set forth clearly so as to protect you and avoid disputes later on. Come to my office and meet with me and explain your situation to me, and I will tell you what I see as being your options and your legal rights and responsibilities. I will explain to you what I see as the big picture of your situation. I can answer your questions and explain how you can retain me as your attorney. If you would like to come in and see me, please call my assistant, Jon, at (503) 656-4154, and he can schedule an appointment for you.

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