Family Law Lincoln County, OR

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Family Law

Family Law Lincoln County, ORClients occasionally seek my help with happy family situations like adoptions or pre-marital agreements and domestic partnership contracts. Usually, however, whether it involves separation, divorce, dissolution of a domestic partnership, custody, child and spousal support, or domestic violence, people come to me during one of the most unhappy and uncertain times of their life. I’ve been divorced, and I haven’t forgotten how it feels, not just the disappointment and loss of what was to be a lifelong commitment, but the fear and uncertainty of what will come next.

I feel most worthwhile when I can help my clients at a time when they most need help. I represent men, women, parents (custodial or non custodial), step-parents, grandparents, the petitioning party or responding party. I do not represent “Men” or “Women.” I represent you, and I advocate for your unique interests. My goal in family law cases is not to fan the flames but to keep tensions down. Because tensions are usually high to begin with, I prefer to have my divorce cases settle rather than take them to trial. I try to help negotiate a settlement of the issues in dispute, sometimes through a mediator, or through my communications with the opposing attorney. Sometimes, in a best case scenario, the parties are able to reach a settlement largely on their own.

With child support, the state requires use of a formula to determine how much should be paid, but in other areas, much can be agreed upon by the parties. Not that reaching an agreement is easy. People get divorced because they can’t agree on things, can’t cooperate with each other. So not surprisingly, in the divorce process, despite the best of intentions, sometimes a case proceeds to court for trial, with the outcome to be ordered by a Judge. When that happens, I am known to be a zealous advocate for my client. Whether resolution of a divorce is determined through settlement negotiations or through a trial, I see to it that the proper legal papers are filed with the court.
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