Real Estate Law West Linn, OR

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law West Linn, OR

Real estate is defined as “land and anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings, fences, and those things attached to the buildings, such as light fixtures, plumbing and heating fixtures, or other such items which would be personal property if not attached.  The term is generally synonymous with real property.” (Black’s Law Dictionary). Patricia Ferrell-French can help you with your Real Estate matters..

Buying & Selling Real Estate:

All agreements related to the sale and purchase of real property must be in writing. The law of contracts controls those agreements, from the initial listing agreement the seller has with the listing real estate agent, to the initial offer to buy, to the final documents at the closing of the sale. If you are considering selling or purchasing real property, you will be required to sign documents that will bind you to the terms in those documents.

Real Estate and Real Property Matters

You should consult with an attorney in order to educate yourself as to your responsibilities, liabilities, and what the terms of the real estate documents mean to you.

If you are considering signing a real estate contract that has already been written, call my office and make an appointment to see me so that you and I can discuss the contract and its terms and what those mean to you. If you have not yet signed it, even a standardized form real estate contract can be modified so that it meets your expectations, needs, and desires.

But if you have already signed a real estate contract and you have questions about it, or if you and the other party are now in a dispute over the contract, bring the real estate contract to me and we can discuss your rights and duties under the contract and deal with any dispute, in or out of court, regarding that contract.

Easements, Boundary-Lot Line Adjustment, Boundary Disputes, Trespass Action & Adverse Possession

To be enforceable, an easement must be in writing and recorded with the county recorder’s office. I can help you with the creation and drafting of an easement.

In my experience, disputes over an easement, or boundary, or trespass, or adverse possession are some of the most stressful kind of disputes for the owners of land. Please come see me before the dispute reaches the boiling point.

While I support resolving real property disputes outside the courtroom, I am fully prepared to litigate your case efficiently and effectively. In every instance, my goal is to provide the best, most cost-effective service for my clients, who include buyers and sellers of real estate, and property owners with boundary, trespass or encroachment issues.

If you would like to come in and see me, please call my assistant, Jon, at (503) 656-4154, and he can schedule an appointment for you.

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